Thursday, March 3, 2011

What does Lukasz know?

Lately it's become more and more of a mystery what Lukasz knows. He's fallen into the habit of just staying quiet and letting Lily answer or tell what she knows about a given subject. If he's encouraged to answer in front of Lily, he'll often hang his head and say "I don't know."

But during quiet, unexpected moments, it becomes clear that he DOES know a lot of what he doesn't say. This morning he was picking up cheerios off the floor with Tom, Lily was off doing a dot painting, and he counted to THIRTEEN no problem. And yesterday in the car, he was singing little songs and then all of a sudden he went, "une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six"!!!

I've also heard him singing the chorus of "Dinah Blow Your Horn", but with a different letter at the beginning of the words, often J, like this: "Jee, Ji, Jiddly, Ji, Jo, jumming jon jee jold janjo".

It's a tricky thing to spend equal amounts of "learning" time with each child, especially when Lily wants to join in whenever Lukasz and I are doing something and I'm not sure how to get her involved in something else w/o making her feel left out. When Lily does her reading, Lukasz often listens, but sometimes it's pretty slow going so he goes off and does his own thing.

Eventually, I'll figure out what works... then it will all change again! :)

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