Sunday, March 6, 2011

I think Lily is mastering the art of the argument

Should I be proud... or worried?

Yesterday I overheard the following:

Tom, carrying Lukasz around: Boy for sale! Boy for sale!
Lily: You can't sell him. Lukasz is MY brother.
Tom: Well he's my son, so I can sell him.
Lily: Well when I grow up he's going to be MY son.
Tom: You have to give birth to someone for them to be your son.
Lily: Well then I'll GIVE him birth!

And this morning:
Tom: Apples aren't food!
Lily: Yes they are!
Tom: No they aren't, they're cars! Haven't you ever seen Lowly Worm in his apple car
Lily: That's not real.
Tom: No?
Tom: Why not?
Lily: Because in animation animals can talk and in real life they dont.
Lily: So that means apples are FOOD.
Lily pulls an apple out of a grocery bag.
Lily: These ones are food and they don't have wheels.
Tom: I think they are waiting to have wheels put on them.
Lily: No, look it has a stem on top.
Tom: That's for the antenna on the top for car.
Lily: No the stem is from the apple tree!

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