Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet moments

Tom has been working evenings for the past many nights, and the kids are really missing him. Today he did take them to the park for a couple of hours for some much needed dad-time, but yesterday he was working for most of the day/evening, and Lukasz started crying after I put him to bed, saying, "I want Tatus" over and over again. I called Tom up and put him on speaker phone and he sang the kids their most recent favourite Polish lullaby - Tadorotka. Here is a short video of Lily (finally) singing the first little bit of it to me:

As Tom finished singing the song I told him to sing it again because I could see that Lukasz was starting to drift off. Halfway through the second song, Lukasz rolled over with his back to me... and was asleep.

I tucked him and Lily in and wished them good night and walked out of their room wishing I could sing them to sleep the way he does.

Tonight I kind of got my wish.

After I turned the light out in their room Lukasz started crying again. I went back in and Lily and I both thought he was saying "I want to be on my bed", which he was, so it didn't make sense that he kept saying it. I pulled him into my lap facing me, and he rested his head in the crook of my left arm. I finally got that he wanted to be off his bed... so I gave him some kisses and started slowly rocking back and forth. Its an amazing thing to sit with a child and tell by the feel of them that they are falling asleep. My back started aching, as did my neck and arm, but that didn't matter. My big boy was falling asleep in my arms. It was then I realized that my face was wet, with his tears. I rocked him for a few minutes more and then laid him down, fully asleep, in his bed.

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