Monday, February 7, 2011

Lily defends her friends, and paints them nice pictures, too

Before Lily's school ended one of the teachers came out to talk to me about something that had happened with Lily in school today. Needless to say, I was worried. But she said Lily was fine; it was just that she'd witnessed a student "misusing a toy" toward another student, and had flown in defense of the child being wronged. I tried so hard not to laugh, because she had obviously been told to keep the situation really ambiguous, but I knew Lily would tell me everything once she got out the door. The teacher went on to say that the incident upset Lily quite a lot and the teacher was surprised at Lily's reaction. I told her that both of my kids are fairly calm kids and don't rough house much. The teacher told me that the kids and teacher all talked about it and everyone was okay, and the teacher just wanted me to be aware of the situation in case Lily mentioned it (which she did).

The child that she defended from (in her words) being "whacked" with toys by another child was the same one that she painted this painting for this morning.

When the boy saw it, he got a huge grin on his face and exclaimed, "I want to keep this FOREVER!"

I'm so so proud of Lily for sticking up for her friends like this. I've seen her do this once before, I don't know if I mentioned it on here, but a bunch of kids were playing together after school and chasing each other and a boy grabbed a girl by the arm and wouldn't let her go. The girl was trying to get away as part of the game, and Lily ran over because she thought the girl was being mistreated. She does this thing where she brings her fists up to her chest and shakes them when she's really frustrated and the boy and another boy thought she was "putting up her dukes" so they did the same. A quick mama intervention diffused the situation.

Anyway, any kids who have Lily as a friend can count themselves lucky, and protected. :)

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