Monday, February 7, 2011

Phonics with Lily

Lily and I are working our way through a phonics book. I try to do a couple of pages with her every day. So far she's really enjoying it.

This evening we were doing a page that had a chart listing 4 letters and beside each letter a row of 4 words that contained that letter. The idea is the child finds the letter that appears at the start of the row. This is where Lily started reading at home. So she started sounding out the words on the page. After she recognizes each word, I ask her what it is, and her answers were fascinating to me, so I started writing them down. Here they are:

Job: It's something you have to do.

Jet: A fast plane with fire coming out it's back. It goes ZOOOOM! (with hand motion)

Jog: She didn't know. I asked her if she remembered seeing people out exercising and running slowly and demonstrated jogging to her.

Kid: A child that parents have.
Kit: Like a doctor kit.

Back: She showed me her back.

Kick: When you kick a ball (made a kick motion with her leg).

Log: A big tree stump or branch. I asked her if it was in the air or on the ground and she said on the ground.

Hill: A big lump in the ground.

Leg: Showed me. It's what helps people walk.

Milk: A white drink. I asked her where do we get it from. She replied Superstore! I asked her what animal, and she replied a cow.
I was impressed she'd sounded out milk because up until now we've only been doing words with three distinct sounds. So I said "Wow, that's a tricky one!" And she said, "Yeah, but I knew it because I'm FOUR YEARS OLD!"

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