Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mystery solved!!!

So, do you remember about a month ago I blogged about Lily's friend, the mystery boy with the checkered shoes who always hugged her when he saw her at recess? And she drew a picture of him so I would know what he looks like?

WELL. Tonight at her school's (super fantastically awesome) Halloween dance, they found each other and I got to meet him and chat to his mom. We had both heard so much about each others' kids, and it was so great to finally clear up the mystery!

Lily had always insisted his name was Nicole, but I figured she just misheard Cole, and yes, his name is Cole, and he's in grade 5 (which means he'll be moving on to middle school next year, darn). His mom said we'd have to get a photo of them together before the end of the dance. Opportunity presented itself when some kid pulled the fire alarm and we all had to evacuate the gym (darn)... here's Cole and Lily!

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