Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lily brought 2 special things home from school yesterday

A ribbon for running 10 kilometres(!) since the start of school. They do something called Jog Along every few days where they run laps. Lily was very excited to be finished her yellow sheet and on to her green sheet. I'm guessing the sheets are how they mark the kids' progress.

A "Caught a Star" for listening to her teacher and sitting on the carpet ready for the next activity when most of the other kids were still milling about. Every month these go into a jar in the principal's office and two names get drawn from each class and those kids get a prize.

From the glimpses I've had of Lily interacting with other students, she seems to know a LOT of them, even ones in older grades, and she chats and plays with them all easily which is so great to see!

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