Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A semi-circle started it all.

Lily found some semi-circle pieces of construction paper this morning and decided they'd make good sail boats. This expanded into a big (before Mommy's breakfast) craft session.

After the sailboats were constructed using the semi-circles, some triangles they cut themselves (have I mentioned how much these two LOVE using scissors?), and some straws for masts, it was time to decorate with some sea themed stickers.
The start of the mess, before Lukasz got really enthusiastic with the scissors:
We ripped some rectangles and then I cut some waves, Lily stuck them on the paper to make the sea, then we found some other blue scraps to make clouds and selected the perfect spot for their boats to sail.

The sun came out and it was time to do some scissor work to make an island and palm tree.

Lily made the leaves by cutting curved strips after I cut the first curve, and Lukasz got throughly absorbed in cutting his piece of paper into the smallest pieces possible. (And he picked them all up later, too!)

Proud Lily with her island, complete with tree AND coconuts (her idea).

The finished collage:

It was fun to see just how much can be created with the simplest of shapes.

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