Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back to back

Lukasz turns 3 tomorrow, which means today is Uncle Derek's birthday. He's in Australia, so Tom and I made and decorated 23 D-shaped cookies to send to him. It's summer there now, so I have a bad feeling about the dark chocolate we used to decorate some of them, but Derek loves dark chocolate so I couldn't resist.

Lukasz is absolutely determined to be an astronaut. He cannot get enough of astronaut books, and he tells me often that he wishes he was a grown up and that he already IS an astronaut. I'm making a space-themed "pin the tail on the donkey" game. Instead of tails - astronauts:
Tom and I stayed up until 1 a.m. printing and cutting out all the planets, some satellites, space shuttles, stars and a UFO. The plan is to stick them all on the wall (or on paper on the wall, but I did a test and mack tack doesn't leave a mark on the wall, and that would save on paper) and then we each have our own astronaut to pin on different things, Earth, the space shuttle, etc. Plus it will make a nice decoration on the wall - Lukasz's very own solar system.

Since the planetarium doesn't have any age-appropriate shows on right now, and Science World is mostly closed during renovations, we are taking him mini-golfing in Abbotsford. They have indoor and outdoor mini-golf, so we'll see how the weather is. I think the indoor golf is blacklit so that would be cool for the kids to see. I figure we'll spend a couple of hours there, then head back and I'll have to make the cake, we'll play the astronaut game and then have dinner and cake.

He wasn't keen on having lots of kids over so we passed on the big party this year. But Gran, Grampa and Uncle Shane will be coming next weekend which we are VERY excited about! :) And we'll celebrate with Babcia and Dziadek when they are back in town as well.

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