Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I would call this a bedtime story FAIL

I picked up The Frog Prince from the library to read to the kids and tonight I read it to them at bedtime. I picked up one that was a retelling (simplification) of the Brothers Grimm version, which is the original.

Usually I flip through books to make sure there isn't anything that I wouldn't want to read to my kids in it. Sometimes kids story books can take some weird turns. Such was the case tonight.

From my recollection, The Frog Prince was a story about a princess who ends up kissing a frog that lives in a nearby pond and it turns into a prince. I didn't remember the circumstances leading up to the kiss, but I thought it had something to do with her helping him.


In this story, the frog helps the princess then the princess refuses to keep her part of the deal. Her father tells her she must keep her promises so she begrudgingly does even though she thinks the frog is totally icky. When the frog helped the princess, she agreed to let him eat her food and sleep in her nice warm bed. Well, her father had to order her to let the frog eat with her, and when bedtime came around she tried to get away with not having the frog sleep in her bed. The frog threatened to tell her father on her, and then I turned the page to this:

AWFUL. I couldn't exactly improvise on a picture like that!*

Then, of course, the frog turns back into a prince (the hit knocked the spell out of him?) and they live happily ever after.

The End.

*But I did say that I thought the princess was cruel and I did not like that story at all. Both true.

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