Monday, January 10, 2011

Bending her own rules

Lukasz is in full-on astronaut mode. Whenever he sees an astronaut in a book, in his wind-up toy, or on his favourite dvd, he exclaims, "that's me!". Now, Lily is VERY literal. She has a good imagination, but when something is clearly not what someone says it is, she has to clarify and make sure what is true is what is said.

So when Lukasz pointed out himself on the tv while I made dinner, I waited for Lily to correct him and tried to figure out how to tell her that what he was saying was fine and to somehow get her not to correct him... he's at a stage where the slightest discouragement can snowball.

I heard the following exchange:

Lukasz: "That's me!"
Lily: "The astronaut?"
Lukasz: "Yeah!"
Lily: "Mmm."

Very noncommittal and she left it at that. Whew. :)

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