Sunday, October 18, 2015


11:30 pm - asleep at last.

The story of that bear is the sweetest thing. A few years ago I was working at a craft market in New West. Tom and the kids helped me set up and then went for a walk. Outside the building where the market was held, Lily found this bear lying on the ground. I think Tom said he would just leave it on a bench, but Lily recognized it as being like ones that a lady was selling at the market. She brought it to me, and we returned it to the lady, a very tired woman with her young child in tow, who was not having much luck selling her handknit animals. She thanked Lily for returning it to her,and later she came to us and said she wanted Lily to have the bear because what she had done was so kind and selfless, and she wanted Lily to know how much her actions meant. It's been one of her favourite animals to snuggle with ever since.

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