Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Parenting WIN

I stopped doing sight words homework with Lily a couple months ago (okayed it with her teacher) and her reading ability has EXPLODED in the last couple of months. It's so nice to see good results from a difficult decision.

Sight words homework is 10 cards with words that the education system has deemed "sight words" meaning the kids should learn them by sight instead of by sounding them out because they don't conform to basic phonics/spelling conventions. Her words right now are: inside, foot, certain, game, himself, across, else, kind, group, however.

In my opinion some of those should be ones that are sounded out. And Lily was applying the "sight reading" method to all her reading and it was awful. She's doing so much better now. And tonight during her journal writing she spelled "would" correctly and I asked "how did you know how to spell that?!" And she said "I remember reading it in a book." Frigging awesome.

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