Friday, March 8, 2013

So proud

Yesterday at school, during unsupervised lunch in the classroom, a boy (B) in Lily's class got pulled to the ground and kicked in the forehead by another kid. Lily didn't see that unfold, but she did see B just after it happened and saw that he looked upset. She asked him what was wrong and he started crying and told her that the other kid had kicked him in the forehead. She went and got a lunchtime monitor and let them know what had happened. B then went to the office to get an ice pack for his forehead. Per the teachers he was okay, so he came back to class holding the ice pack on his head. It was B's job to take the basket of library books to the library, and as he was doing that, Lily saw that he was having trouble holding the basket with one hand while the other hand held the basket. She offered to help him by carrying the basket for him, and together they went to the library. On the way back (she told me) she told B that if he needed any more help with anything, just to ask her and she would help him.

Tatus and I are so proud of you, Lily. We love what a kind soul you are, how perceptive you are to how other people are feeling, and how willing you are to help others in need. <3


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