Monday, March 18, 2013

Lily's final Grade 1 report card

A few exerpts:

"Lily is a bright and kind student, who takes great care nad respect for her classroom and the things in it. She plays cooperatively and constructively with others. Lily is a positive, responsible and reliable member of our class."

"Lily is a great frined to those in our class. She is confident when choosing activities that are just right for her during work periods and sets and example for others in our class."

"Lily is meeting grade level expectations in speaking and listening, mathematics, social studies, science, and writing. She exceeds grade level expecations in reading."

"Lily reads above grade level material with fluency, expression, and has a good level of comprehension."

"Lily is a hard working student who enjoys learning and staying focused. She is great at staying on task and keeping others focused during work periods. Lily seems to make great choices with her independent work."

"Lily participates enthusiastically in music class. She is fully meeting expectations of the grade 1 music program. She shows interest in learning and exploring new concepts in music through singing, identifying the direction of melody and performing different rhythm patterns on percussion instruments with confidence."

WOW Lily! We are SO very proud of you and how well you are doing in school and how hard you work on a daily basis to do your best with both your work and your friends.

Much love,
Mommy & Tatus

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