Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday afternoon walk at Buntzen Lake

Today we spent the afternoon hiking along a small portion of Buntzen Lake. It's one of Tom's favourite places to go.

 Lily, all ready to go with her new scarf, knit by Flo, a neighbour from when we lived in Toronto!

Tom and I didn't realize there would be no 3G signal out there (don't I sound like a city slicker!); we've gotten very used to doing all our geocaching with the app on our phones. Tom was sure there would be caches there, so he was poking around in likely spots all along the trail. When we got to a lookout he looked under the deck and said, "There MUST be one here..." and there was!
This is the little curl that melts my heart. It grows out like that whenever his hair gets long enough. <3 br="">
 Lily and Lukasz testing out a blazed trail.

 What are you thinking about, Wooch?

 And  then some time to admire the view, toss some rocks, and make mud.

 A band of light through the clouds, just peeking over the hills behind us, lit up this strip of trees:
And here are some I took using a lomo filter on my phone:

It was a great walk, and it's so nice to feel some warmth from the sun again!

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