Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gran, Grampa, and Uncle Shane come to visit

Gran, Grampa, and Uncle Shane came to visit today, to celebrate Lukasz's 5th birthday. We had lunch, he opened his gift, we had cake, went for a hike at Lynn Canyon and then out for dinner at our favourite Chinese food place.

The card had lit (light) candles inside, and he had to blow them out and then the card would sing "Happy Birthday". It cracked him up.

The cake was from Anna's Cake House, light and delicious, as always.

Lukasz is very interested in inventing now, so they got him a set of gears and building pieces with an electronic motor so he can invent vehicles. He loves it. Here he is with one of his first creations:

 Shane brought his Polaroid camera and took some pretty nice black & white photos with it.

Gran & Grampa sharing a giggle at the 30 foot pool.  Too bad it was such a gray day, the water is so beautiful with better light.

 The 30 foot pool gets its water from this chasm and the waterfall that can barely be seen in this photo. Kids come and jump off the rocks on the side in the summer for a near-freezing dip.
 The hike starts and ends with a suspension bridge - we found out today that if someone (Tom) jumps up and down on it, the whole bridge bounces. Not fun!

Then it was off to dinner (the kids fell asleep almost as soon as we got in the car) where we had a feast of wun-tun soup, pot stickers, broccoli and prawns, a chicken cashew dish, more veggies, and lots and lots of noodles.

Thanks for coming out for the day! :) xoxo

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