Monday, August 27, 2012

A day at Science World

Today I took the kids to the local Science World for the first time. We spent a good five hours and all found exhibits and activities that interested us. Right now there is a large Da Vinci exhibit on now and the kids went through it with me no problem. Lukasz dutifully pointed out each "don't touch" sign. In the exhibit there was a large version of Da Vinci's Safety Bridge, with smaller, notched wooden logs that could be built into a replica of the bridge. It was designed with the idea that it could be quickly built by soldiers using cut down trees. While Lily was playing with the logs and we were seeing how they fit together, she asked me how it could be made to cross water if everyone building it was on one side. It was a clever question, and one I didn't immediately have an answer for. I wonder how it would have been pieced together back in those days, or if it was even used for Da Vinci's intended purpose. We also saw some water shoes and hand flippers which, while not successful, were the founding idea that led to cross country skis and foot flippers. Explaining the machines and ball bearings got a bit difficult at times, but I think they got a good overview of quite a few of his inventions.

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