Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ding, round 4

All last week poor Lukasz had a nasty stomach bug. He didn't eat or do anything but sleep, drink and pee for four days. On Friday he felt a lot better and actually was awake for most of the day, although still lying down. But Tom came home sick. Tom then slept for most of the rest of that day, Friday night and nearly all day Saturday. On Friday night Lukasz had something going on that was making him feel the need to go to the bathroom ALL night long. Back and forth to the bathroom he went all night. On Saturday morning I took Lukasz to the dr and spent a long time walking around the mall and willing him to pee so they could do a urine test. We got a prescription that is slowly helping with that issue, and by Saturday night I was able to get Lukasz to sleep by 10 pm. I tidied up for 2 1/2 hours and as I was snuggling down into bed, Lukasz started with the barking croupy cough. We put him in the beanbag chair in front of the open balcony door and at 2:30 am I packed it in because I had to take Lily to her dance studio Sunday morning for picture day. Tom was with Lukasz for the rest of the night and said Lukasz was up until 5 am. On Sunday his cough was lingering but I got Lily to her dance photo day (right afterwards her tummy started acting up but it didn't last too long) and we were all able to go for a very slow walk. Sunday night Lukasz was able to sleep mostly through the night. His coughing was milder and didn't seem to wake him thoroughly. Last night he got more congested and we were up quite a few times in the night. This morning I had to pull him out of bed to take Lily to school, but I left her with a friend's parent and brought Lukasz straight back home. He fell asleep on the drive home (at 9 a.m.) but woke up to climb into bed. He laid down and then told me "I can watch movies on my eyes (I think he meant his lids when his eyes are closed) because I'm excellent!" and then "Superheroes have jet packs that shoot out pigs and nice... And the berenstein bears!" and then he fell asleep.

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