Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Single Saturday

Whew. I haven't been around much on here, and so much has been going on. Tom's work is getting really busy, so we rarely see him. I could complain about that, but I'm so relieved that they have lots of work that it would be pointless to complain. :o)

On this past Saturday, he was able to move things around so he didn't have to work until after dinner, so we had a very busy family day. It was awesome.

First up, day 2 of Lily's first dance competition. It was not a competition in the intense, well, competitive way. It was more a chance for the girls to get more experience on the big stage, and more opportunity for them to wear their costumes. On Thursday, she had the ballet portion of her competition. Her dance was called Wizard of Oz (as a result of this, we are now on our SEVENTH Wizard of Oz audio book - more on that later, I hope!). She was the first one out on the stage and did so with complete confidence. I can't believe these girls just trot out on stage with no protest or whimpers or any kind of visible nervousness. Her ballet dance went really well, and afterwards we went into the theatre to watch more of the routines, we got to see a number of the older girls perform, which was a treat. 

I have to add a note about Lukasz here, for he was there. And the patience he has for these kind of outings is just awesome. First off we dropped Lily off at school, then we drove straight to the grocery store and got stuff so I could pack a big lunch, then we went home and I made the lunch, packed everything up, then we went and picked Lily up from school (2 hours after we'd dropped her off). Then back home, got her changed, into the car and drove to the theatre. We had to get there a full HOUR before her performance and during that hour there was nothing to do but sit on the floor and wait (and apply more hairspray to Lily's helmet - er, hair).  And wait he did. They had their lunch, we looked at books and he did not complaint AT ALL. He just totally went with it and was amazing. Then he sat willingly with us after her competition to see the older girls compete. He is a trooper and has so much patience I still cannot believe it. THANK YOU LUKASZ!!! :o)
So, fast forward to Saturday, and we had to be at the theatre at 8:30 a.m. By some miracle we all got up and fed and dressed and out the door and arrived only a few minutes after 8:30. Again, Lukasz was totally patient. I got some shots of Lily before she went on stage, I suggested the first pose, and then she wanted to make up her own poses, and pose she did. Woo. She sure likes being fancy. And how can you be anything BUT fancy in a feather hat with sparkly bows on your shoes?
After she danced (wonderfully! I did not envy them doing star jumps in slippery tap shoes, but there were no falls! Video to be uploaded soon!), we all went back into the theatre and watched a bunch of the older kids' performances, many of which were really great! 
Lily got a ticket for each dance she performed and got to choose prizes when we were done. She chose a medal with a purple ribbon for ballet and a medal with a red ribbon for tap. :)
Then we went home for lunch and a quick change of clothes and then off to the annual Fingerling Festival at the local hatchery. They have 40,000 baby salmon that kids get to release into the nearby stream. Lukasz wasn't up for doing the release this year, but Lily got right down into the stream and watched her little fish swim away one by one.

There was an arena filled with exhibits, vendors, and even some live kids music.

We took in a bit of it and then... hit the beach! It was a bit chilly but it was good to stretch our legs and explore the seashore... and build a dam, of course.

Then, to complete our busy day, an early dinner out all together (Tom had to work in the evening). Lukasz and I are the potsticker monsters.
The kids favourite dish so far - beef chow mein. I always call dibs on the bok choy. Yum.

The kids even tried "crispy milk" and LOVED it. That was a surprise!
And there is a brief summary of a very busy but LONG overdue family day out!

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