Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lily, 5 years ago...

And today, she is still a fairly serious girl, although there are more and more frequent periods of downright silliness that I'm slowly getting used to. :) She's holding her own pretty well in school. I hadn't imagined she would have to deal with any kind of bullying in Kindergarten, but unfortunately she did. Fortunately, she was quick to let them know what she thought of them, and they seem to leave her alone now. The new difficulty to navigate is her good friend at school (who is in Grade 1) telling Lily that it's the job of the Grade 1's to boss the Kindergartners around. Lily's not having any of that either, but I can see the other girl's persistence wearing her down and putting a strain on their friendship. But I'm so proud of her for knowing how she does and does not like to be treated and especially how she is taking steps and making efforts to change things so she is not treated in that way.

I love you, baby girl. xoxo

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