Thursday, September 15, 2011

I think she's ready to dance!

This year Lily is taking a ballet-tap combo: 45 minutes of ballet, 30 minutes of tap. Her ballet dancer is definitely all that you would imagine a real ballerina being. She is also very particular about what the girls wear - pink leotard, pink skirt, white tights and pink shoes (with the bows tucked under), and hair in a bun. Fortunately, she said Lily's hair was just fine, since it is out out of her face. I found it all a bit intimidating and serious...

After class she passed us in the hall and asked Lily if she had fun, and Lily said yes, and I told the teacher that I thought Lily was floating (from happiness), and her teacher said, "She's perfect for it." Whew. :)

It's so great to watch a child develop a natural love of something and see them do well at it.

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