Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Mommy, I'll teach you Latin"

The song that Tom has recently been singing to the kids before bed is this:

Tonight I went in to kiss them goodnight after Tom had sung to them and Lily said to me, "Mommy, listen, I know the first part of Lilium", and then sang to me her interpretation of it. To my ear, she got the melody beautifully. Then she said, "It's in Latin, Mommy. I can teach you. I can teach you Latin so you know it and then you can teach your family." Then she proceeded to sing the bit she knew, three syllables at a time, and waited for me to sing it back to her. So sweet.

* * *

She just came out of the bedroom and told me that her room is too dark and it's keeping her awake. First time I've heard of lack of light keeping someone awake. :)

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