Monday, April 11, 2011

Lily's song request

This afternoon as we were driving and listening to Great Big Sea, and Lily suddenly requested "the hello beautiful song".

The only song I know of like this is Hello Beautiful by the Skydiggers (a band I first heard two summers ago when Tom bought us tickets to a Great Big Sea concert - the Skydiggers were the opener). We haven't listened this song in a while, the last time may have been a few weeks ago when we were driving to Kelowna and I had some random songs playing on our mp3 player.

So I found Hello Beautiful and played it for her, and not only was it the song she was thinking of, turns out she really likes it.

Unfortunately the only decent video I could find of this song is out of sync. So maybe don't watch the video, just listen to the words. It's a beautiful song.

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