Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You'd never believe they ran me ragged...

Or that this is at almost 10:30 at night AND I only managed to bathe one of them tonight. But we did make it to the library for some new books.

They are both looking at Stella books, by Marie-Louise Gay. The illustrations are gorgeous and perfect for jump-starting the imagination into sweet dreams. These books let the illustrations do most of the talking, while the written part details the conversations that Stella and her little brother, Sam, have during their outings. I LOVE how all of the books are set outdoors. Here is how Stella, Princess of the Sky starts:

"Stella!" cried Sam. "Stella! Look! The sky is on fire!"
No, it isn't, Sam," said Stella. "The sun is just going to sleep."
"Why is it so red?" asked Sam
"Can't you see? It's wearing red pyjamas."
"Pyjamas?" said Sam. "Like mine?"
"Of course," said Stella, "and when the moon rises, it wraps the sun up in a big starry blanket."

* * *

Sweet dreams!

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