Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A quiet, peaceful day

Yesterday Tom went to spend a few days quietly at his parents' empty house studying for a test he has tomorrow. So the kids and I have been on our own since Monday morning. And of course on Monday morning we were all feeling poorly. We did make it out to the park for some fresh air and sunshine, and to the bakery for some delicious fresh bread, but after that it was a quiet inside pyjama chicken noodle soup kind of day.

There's something about Lily in a sunbeam that is beyond gorgeous.

She decided to do some beading and make a necklace.

Then she remembered the felt board and set it up. We cut out some more felt shapes (we needed more sunbeams and flower stems), then they made a collaborative creation - Lukasz made a rocket ship and Lily made a spring day:
Then Lily made a lady holding her lunch of french fries:
And a sailboat on the water under a very colourfully cloudy sky:

Lukasz worked very hard on his felt creations, too, only they are in a video, and it's over 5 minutes long...

After felt I decided to water down some paint and let them blow paint all over the place. Which they did. Fortunately I have a great relationship with messes, in that I don't mind them too much. :) Lukasz got a huge kick out of this activity (hey who wouldn't love spraying paint using a straw?) and they made some nice little paintings, too.

During dinner, Lily started singing this little song to herself and I asked if I could make a video. She obliged:

This video fills me with such happiness, even after the not-so-great way I've been feeling this evening. Some days I almost cannot believe that I am lucky enough to be their mom. They have their moments, as all of us do, but they do take such good care of me, and, well, there's just nothing in the world that could bring me greater happiness than being here, with them, being their mom.

At the close of our day, this:

As I mentioned, I did not have the greatest of days today. It was no fault of theirs, just the result of a week that has been emotionally trying for many reasons.... but looking back through these photos and the videos of what we've been up to in the past 2 days, if any tears fall, they are tears of pride, and happiness, and a bit of incredulous-ness at just how lucky I am.

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