Monday, February 2, 2009

Letter to Lily: month 30 (2 1/2 years old!)

Dear Lily,

Wow. You are 2 1/2. I've really fallen behind on writing monthly letters... but this is a great time to pick it up again because you've changed so much!

For a while there you were a bit anti-cuddle. I missed the snuggling days and thought they might be over... but I was wrong. Lately you like to be picked up more and more and if we sit down you'll snuggle into our laps almost every opportunity you get. I LOVE IT! I love having my cuddly little girl back, even if your legs hang way down off my lap now. :)

You speak pretty fluently now (to me, although I notice when other people don't get what you've said) and if I ever slip up and call something by your old pronunciation (chin-chin for chicken, chouch for couch, fety for sweaty, yo-yo for yogurt, ba-fa-hi for butterfly, etc.) you are SO quick to correct me. It's not chouch, it's a COUCH. Oops. Silly me. :)

You used to say thank you "doo-dee" but now it's more of a "dank you". And whenever we say thank you, you are quick to pipe up with a "you're welcome!". You went through a little phase of sighing and saying "okay, okay" when you agreed to something we asked you, like it was the biggest hassle in the world to play with play-doh, or go to the park or have a bath (which you quite enjoy now, except for the hair washing). Seeing these little flickers of attitude or behaviour of an "older" person (to use Uncle Shane's phrase) in you is a bit of a shock... but funny, too. If we sneeze now you say "bless you!" and you've started to do the cutest thing when one of us gets hurt, you come running and ask "can I kiss it all better?" and then you'll kiss our hand or elbow or knee and make it all better. This weekend an elastic snapped and broke in 2 peices while I was trying to close a bag so I yelled "OW!" and you came running and gave me no less than FOUR kisses on my hand, one of each place the elastic had snapped me. Those kisses definitely made it all better.

We are pretty careful with what you watch on TV. You only watch little shows on DVD that we've picked up for you (Madeline, Strawberry Shortcake, The Berenstein Bears, Max & Ruby, Timothy, and a bunch of Polish ones like Mis Usatek and Mis Kudlatek and Makowa Panienka) but time and again you will quote from these shows, phrases like "It's my FAVorite!" and "Gramma gramma look at me, I'm roller-skating!" and "I don't want that one!" and "I won't like it"... and I've seen you mimicking the show by pretending to bite your nails! I do my best to limit your TV time to just when I'm making dinner. Tatus and I wish we had a TV cabinet with a door so that we could hide the TV away until it's TV time.

This month was the start of something new for you, me and Lukasz - we started music class! It's been great for you. You love it. You aren't shy at all, and I think it helps that everyone in the class is younger than you. Your favourite parts are when we get up and dance to the music, jumping, marching, running and twirling.

In addition to the songs we are learning at music class, you've also been learning songs at Circle of Friends, like this one:

Other signs that you are growing up so quickly... you've started expressing a keen interest in dressing yourself. We've started with your pants, which you can't quite get up over your diaper yet, and your socks, which sometimes end up on upside down. But we're getting there! :)
game that's babcia

You're imagination has been blossoming these past few weeks, and recently you made up a game where you call us names of people who we clearly are not. For example, I become Babcia, Lukasz is Dziadek, and then I call Lily Mommy. Of course, you like to remain yourself when we play, so whenever I give you a different name, you reply, "No, I'm Lily!"

It's been a fun month, sweetie. Challenging, but fun. :) I'm so proud to be your Mommy.


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