Monday, January 26, 2009

Lily loves to sing and dance

This month has been amazing for Lily. She's really started to come out of her shell at Circle of Friends, a local play group we go too once or twice each week. She knows the coordinator of the program by name, and if I say, "We're going to see Karin" she gets all excited and gets ready to go. She's started to do the motions along with songs we sing there, and at the end of one week, we got home and she told me "I played with my friends!" She even sat side-by-side with a boy and played with a toy garage for a few minutes. That's the most I've seen her interact with other kids, it's quite an improvement. She used to run away from them.

Lukasz is totally at home at Circle of Friends. He loves being surrounded by kids and he'll join in with whatever any other kid is doing. Last week he made quite an impression on two little girls who both had younger sisters. One of them exclaimed to her mom "He's a BOY!" and they were petting him and showing him how to play with toys and he was LOVING it.

On the 16th Lily and Lukasz started Music Pups, a small music class. There are only 2 other children and their moms in the class, and both children are younger than Lily. I think this has a lot to do with how outgoing and interactive she is in the class. She loves it. Both times the class has ended, she's cried when I've told her it's time to go home. We dance and play with lots of different instruments and she's been doing a lot of the actions willingly.

Her favourite songs are definitely the eensy weensy spider, rolly poly, the wheels on the bus, and this one:

Tonight Lily even sang a duet with me!! It's amazing how good she is at singing and dancing. :)

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