Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy (early) 1st Birthday, Lukasz!!!

Dear Lukasz,

What a difference a year can make...
That picture breaks my heart every time I see it; but it's also a constant reminder to me what a fighter you are, and these days when you are getting into everything and anything, like a tiny train that will. not. be. stopped, sometimes I need that reminder to extend my patience. :)

We didn't make any huge party plans, other than filling the apartment (nearly) with balloons and letting you eat CAKE. :)

Babcia & Dziadek were in town and so they came over to join in a little early celebration with us.

You were quite the little man in your spiffy shirt and brown pants

Here is a video of us singing Happy Birthday to you in English and then Sto Lat in Polish. My off-key voice comes through the loudest because I was holding the camera. Darn. :)

And you thoroughly enjoyed you're cake, and didn't make nearly the amount of mess I thought you would.

Lily enjoyed the cake, too!Proud mama and her little man:
It wouldn't be a party without dancing, would it?

A whole year old... wow. If I remember anything about your first year as the coming years pass, it is going to be what a cheerful, easy baby you were (are). Once you started smiling, you didn't stop. You have got to be one of the smiliest kids I've ever seen. And that dimple! Don't get me started on your dimple.... :) I think we have your hospital stay to thank for your amazing sleeping habits. It was shocking to me at first that you would fall asleep more easily in your bed than in my arms. I find it heart-breaking in a way, but I sure appreciated the schedule they set you up on in the hospital. We never had to struggle to get you to fall asleep. And just like you're big sister, you were sleeping through the night within a few months of your birth which is just about the biggest gift a baby can give his parents, I think. :) It was a huge transition going from having one child to two, for Lily, too, since she became a big sister... and we have to say a big THANK YOU to you for making it so easy for us. You are a sweetheart. And we love you to bits and bits.

Hugs and kisses and endless love,

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