Friday, May 16, 2008

First scratch of the summer

Lily tripped while we were coming home from the park today. She was holding my hand, so I caught her before she fell too far, but not quickly enough to prevent this:
Ouch! I had to carry her the rest of the way home, and push Lukasz in his stroller. Talk about a work out. She was crying at first, since it hurt, obviously. But I also knew it was something new to her. So I told her "You have a scratch." And she replied "Yeah, scratch." And then she became very interested in seeing what exactly this "scratch" was. She let me clean it with soap and water when we got home, and didn't cry or flinch at all.

She became very proud of her scratch. I told her to show Tatus when he got home, which she did, pointing proudly and saying "Scratch".

She's such a tough cookie. And I'm happy I was able to turn her scratch from something painful into something to be curious about and proud of. Definitely a Super Mommy moment! :)

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