Monday, May 5, 2008

Another week in Kelowna: day 3

Digging in Gran's garden:
Lily spilled some bubble soap at the bottom of the driveway and then walked up the driveway to get a cloth and went back down to wipe up her mess. :)
I don't know why this picture keeps rotating like this, but anyway, here is a classic "up" pose:And here is the classic "I'm tired" pose: Left thumb in mouth, right finger in belly button.
She looooves to be swung upside-down. Crazy girl.
Giving Uncle Shane a BIG hug:
Hey! Finally, it's Uncle Derek!! He's getting ready to move to the UK :( So he's been really busy lately.

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Robin said...

Derek's moving to the UK -- oh, James is going to be so sad!