Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another week in Kelowna: day 1-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPA!!!!

The four of us arrived in Kelowna the night before Grampa's birthday. Unfortunately he did have to work all day, but in the evening we had quite a celebration.

Of course, for Lily the day would not be complete without... BUBBLES!!

Lots and lots and lots of bubbles as Tatus dutifully filled the backyard with them.
Our little guy sitting contently in Mommy's lap:
Our little bunny... can you see where she chipped her right tooth face-planting into a chair (that was over a year ago)?
Playing Gran's piano--look at that good posture!

On to the celebration--Grampa got a gift from Lily and Lukasz... but what is it....
A leatherman!
Lily had fun boinging the bow on Grampa's other gift-- an eee pc!
Lily's other love: balloons! She likes them so much that I'm going to copy a friend's idea and give her a balloon-themed birthday this year. :)
Lukasz was his easy-going self... napping peacefully in Tatus' arms.
Lily, Gran and balloons. Doesn't get much better than that!

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