Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A week in Kelowna: beautiful weather, a walk in the woods

It's a beautiful day--perfect for a walk in the woods at the end of Gran & Grampa's street.

View from their driveway. Wow.Trees budding under a bright sky:
I had Lukie in the Snugli and he was happily snoozing away while Lily walked with Gran & Uncle Shane.

The girls. :) (And Lukie)
Lily had a blast following Uncle Shane through the woods. He'd hide, then run out and startle her, scoop her up, and zoom around with her as if she was an airplane. :)

After the walk, Lily was ready to go "boing-boing" on Uncle Shane's trampoline. She says "me too?" when she wants me to come up with her, too--a tricky feat with Lukie strapped to me. But I managed and we all boing-boinged for a bit.

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