Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting smiles

Today Tatus and I made great progress getting Lukasz to smile for us. Real smiles. Adorable smiles complete with that left-cheek dimple. We can see him respond to our voices a lot more now, he follows the sound with his head and eyes, and once he focuses on our face, if we talk and stroke his head, that sometimes produces a smile. It did this morning. That was when Tatus discovered that Lukasz likes to have his head stroked from front to back. Then he started talking to Lukasz, and Lukasz gave him a big toothless, dimpled grin.

Then this evening, I was mimicking sounds back to him. After he sneezes he often makes an ooohhh sound. I was stroking his head like he likes it and making the ooohhh sound and I got a big dimpled grin, too! It brought tears to my eyes. He's so precious.

We love you, little guy.

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