Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun at the park

It was a beautiful spring day today, so we spent a few hours at the wonderful park just across the street from where we live. This cherry blossom tree was in full bloom and Lily almost dropped to her knees she was so amazed by it. She though the little petals in the grass were snow. :)It is a very beautiful tree.... but in bloom for such a short time. :(

After admiring all the beautiful flowers, Lily was ready for her two favourite things: slide and swings. She took her ball with her up on the slide, which was a feat considering she had to do a bit of climbing to get to the top. Then she'd chuck her ball down the slide, slide down herself and run after her ball. And repeat. About 15 times. :)

Then it was on to the second slide, where the climbing is a bit more difficult. But she's able to get up these stairs on her own now. Wow!

Then under the bar, and down the slide...

And on to the swing for a little break. Lily LOVES to go as high as the swing will go, and if we don't push her high enough right away, she says "more!" till she's high enough.

And where was Lukasz during all this climbing and sliding and swinging?
Sleeping peacefully in his stroller. :)
And later this evening...
Nothing like fresh air to tire everyone out!

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